The American Academy for Young Professionals is Alabama's 1st boutique education model for middle/high private/church school that specializes in individual student achievement, acceleration, advancement, and leadership development.  Our main niche is the ability to transform our system, immediately, to facilitate each student's individual academic and leadership development and success.  It is our belief that a student in middle school should be preparing for high school and a student in high school should be preparing for college, a career institution, entrepreneurship, or immediate employment.  Classroom overcrowding and teaching everyone the same skills, especially at the high school level, is proving outdated, impractical, and disasterous.  AA-YP students are being educated as individuals and empowered for their individual success tracks.  

Education is a GOD IDEA. Hence, one must define the purpose for a thing in order to design its’ parts that make it function. This same principle applies to educating students. Each student has a unique purpose, and a school that understands this will, by the power of the Holy Spirit, be able to design pathways and methods to help each student function at their maximum potential to achieve success in education and leadership.