AA-YP Success Spectrum 

Until students learn about the dynamics and interconnectedness of the influencers in their lives, they will go through life never living a life that is exciting, powerful, successful, and uniquely their own. Many settle for becoming a mere human copy of others. Which of the two schematics are necessary?  Or do you think both are relevant to developing, learning,  and creating throughout life?

Whatever the choice, do you understand the dynamics and interconnectedness?  Do you understand how they can help you succeed or fail in school, as well as life.  

If you number these areas, which would be number 1 thru 4?  In other words, number from the most important to the least important.  

AA-YP Spectrum 1

What is the difference between school and education?  How can one make you more successful than the other?  How can a high school and college student use both to leverage success in any chosen field?  

AA-YP Spectrum 2

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