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Choosing a school is SERIOUS BUSINESS. The choice will affect a student in a host of ways. Hence, it has been said that finding a school should be like searching for the right church or job.  It is just that important.  As parents are scouting for a school, they should have a sense of who their student is and what academic and leadership tendencies are emerging in their student. Choosing a school with shared values, visions, and education philosophies should be paramount for parents.  Their relationship with the school should be one of trust, respect, honesty, empowerment, commitment, joy, and service.  Middle and high school grade levels are critical for students.  Therefore, parents with students in those grade levels must be proactive at every level.  Seek a school that allows you to take the lead in helping to manage your student's education.  Find one that allows you to come to volunteer in the classroom or in some other area of the school.  Make comparisons. Look at school statistics. Research.  

The RightSchool

The Right Partnership
Faith in God and being led by Him is a guarantee of success in all facets of life, even in education. Learning is a God IDEA.
Parents are the first teachers for their children and ultimately responsible for their children' success in education and leadership.
Students are the individuals who decide to take the fuel and resources provided to them to achieve and succeed in education and leadership. Until there is a decision to succeed, it will not happen.
A millennial school should be a resource with the unique ability to design education platforms to aid EACH students in developing, accelerating, and advancing in education, leadership, and service.
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